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Haizhiyuan Chemistry and Industry

Weifang Haizhiyuan Chemistry and Industry Co., Ltd., established in 2008, is a professional manufacturer engaged in the production, sale and service of Soda Ash, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride.The company is located in Weifang with convenient transportation access. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction. In recent years…




  • Clóiríd Cailciam

    application: snow melting agent, oil, water treatment, refrigerating fluid, Dry Box
    appearance: white granular
    purity: above 94%
    origin: Shandong, China
    alias: CaCl2
    Main components: CaCl2
    Shelf life: 2 years
    packing: 50kg, 1000kg
  • Soda Fuinseoige

    application: used dyestuff, paper making, soap, detergent, dye prin
    appearance: White powder
    purity: above 99.2%
    origin: Shandong ,China
    alias: sodium carbonate
    Main components: Na2CO3
    Shelf life: 2 years
    packing: 25kg, 40kg, 750kg, 1000kg
  • Sóid aráin

    application: foaming agent in rubber industry, reactor filling fire extinquishing device, compounding ingredient in detergent making
    appearance: white powder
    purity: above 99%
    origin: Shandong, China
    alias: Sodium Bicarbonate
    Main components: NaHCO3
    Shelf life: 2 years
    packing: 25kg, 1000kg
  • Sóid aráin

    Mainly applied as food additive in food stuff industry. As buffering agent, neutralizer and dough improver.
    In addition, it can also be used for feed additives for animals, foaming agent in rubber industry. Acidifying agent in medicine industry.
    Compounding ingredient in detergent making, detergent in movie making. Carbon Dioxide(CO2) reactor in beer, drinks, etc.
  • Clóiríd Cailciam

    Calcium chloride used in construction industry can improve the hardness of concrete and the cold resistance of construction.
    Calcium chloride is mainly used in water treatment, refrigerant refrigeration, road deicing, dry gas and other industries.
  • Soda Fuinseoige

    The primary use of sodium carbonate is the glass industry, which is the largest consumer application of soda ash.
    The consumption of soda ash per ton of glass is 0.2 t.
    In addition, the consumption of soda ash in metallurgical, paper-making, printing and dyeing, synthetic detergent, petrochemical, food, medical and health industries is also very large, which is an important direction for the use of soda ash.